People Counting

Monitor and visualise people counting data in multiple bathroom areas.

Project Description:

An airline based at Luton Airport had a requirement to monitor and visualise people counting data in multiple bathroom areas. The airline needed to monitor the data to understand usage for cleaning schedules, whilst also providing real time Entry Allowed or No Entry Allowed indicators.

The airline had a standard cleaning rota but no visual indicators for users of the bathroom areas. They needed remote monitoring across multiple bathrooms to organise cleaning schedules.

IAconnects configured a multi-protocol solution including PoE people counters positioned at the entrance to each bathroom with EnOcean protocol illuminated door signs, which changed colour (green/red) depending on the people count parameters set by the airline. If levels increased outside the high parameter, alerts are sent to the FM team. All data was processed and at the edge using IAconnects MobiusFlow software, with all requested data sent to an IAconnects MobiusFlow View application for live data views, analysis and reporting.

Solution Included:

  • MobiusFlow IoT Edge Gateway 
  • EnOcean PoE Connector 
  • MobiusFlow Cloud 
  • PoE People Counters 
  • EnOcean RGB Illuminated Indicator Door Sign 
  • MobiusFlow View Application

The airline are now able to create flexible cleaning rotas with real time updates for users via smart display screens. The organisation also continues to send data processed at the edge and visualised in MobiusFlow®, for live data views, analysis and reporting.

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