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MobiusFlow® is an advanced commissioning, control and analysis solution for the 'Internet of Things'.

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From a single site water leak detector, to global Facilities Management.

MobiusFlow® is a scalable, device and protocol agnostic IoT system that can enable an increase in global efficiencies, reduce environmental impact and waste, whilst connecting millions of devices via numerous ecosystems, across multiple locations, to be analysed and acted upon remotely based on actual real-time data.

How it works 

Multiple devices with one simple data stream.

 A huge range of sensors can be connected to MobiusFlow® to transmit the relevant data to multiple sources for analysis and actions based on agreed parameters for each device, environment or combined with third party data such as local weather stations to adjust systems accordingly.

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The easier the data flows the quicker it can be acted upon.

Smart Offices, Health Care, Environmental Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection, Asset Tracking…

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A Typical MobiusFlow® Data Flow

A typical IoT data flow using MobiusFlow® can consist of multiple sensors and control devices connected to a gateway which then supplies data via a secure connection to a local dashboard or to the cloud. Examples include; Environmental Monitoring, Asset Tracking, People Counting and Flow, Energy Consumption and Facilities Management.